Protective Clothing
For Welding and Safety

FRC Clothing made from CarbonX® Fabric

  • Withstands heat and direct flame up to 20X longer than competitive products
  • Lightweight, flexible, odor-resistant
  • Breathes to enhance comfort
  • Thermal protective properties will not wash out or wear away
  • Retains strength after heat exposure
  • Unmatched protection and mobility (for you and your equipment)

The most important test for determining flame resistance is the Limited Oxygen Index (LOI), which calculates the amount of oxygen needed in the environment to support combustion. The higher the LOI vlaue, the more flame resistant the material. CarbonX fibers have LOI of 55. This is 50% higher than Nomex, and 33% higher than PBI/FR Rayon blends.

Torch Wear garments now meet all NFPA 70E standards and provide an ATPV of 14.9 cal/cm2 in a single layer. Our NFPA 2122 testing has yielded amazing results. We show 9.3% body burn at three seconds and an astounding 12.4% body burn at four seconds. Come out 40-60% total body burn after four seconds.

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Strength Retention

After intense exposure to 250°C heat, the CarbonX fiber blend possesses 100 percent of its original strength. Turning up the heat to 500°C, the CarbonX fiber blend retains an astonishing 50 percent of its strength, even after 10 minutes of exposure.

Limiting Oxygen Index

The Limiting Oxygen Index measures the amount of oxygen required in the environment for a fabric to support combustion. Any material with a LOI less than 20.95 (the oxygen volume of air) will burn in air. The CarbonX patented fiber blend has a LOI rating of 55, indicating that it requires an oxygen level of nearly three times that of air to burn. When exposed to intense heat or flame, CarbonX fibers carbonize and then expand, eliminating any oxygen content within the fabric.