Protective Clothing
For Welding and Safety

Twaron® Puncture Resistant-Fiber

  • Super strong synthetic fiber
  • Paired with CarbonX® to strengthen Torch Wear Welding Blankets
  • Inherently flame resistant

Twaron fiber is a para-aramid material used in cut — and puncture — resistant products. It is lightweight, with high tensile strength and flex resistance. It has excellent durability and abrasion resistance.

When combined with other flame-retardant fabrics, Twaron is often used in military uniforms. Its inherent flame resistance when used in outer garments can give soldiers extra time to escape harm. Firefighting gear is often made from Twaron as well, as it adds protection and thermal insulation.

Mechanical Properties

Twaron yarns are very strong, their tensile strength being two to three times higher than that of high-strength polyester and polyamide yarns and five times higher than that of steel (on weight basis).

Chemical Resistance

Twaron's high crystallinity and strong intermolecular interactions prevent chemicals from penetrating the polymer. Resistance to organic chemicals is good to excellent, while resistance to inorganic chemicals varies with their pH value. Highly acidic or alkaline chemicals may cause hydrolytic degradation.

Thermal Properties

Twaron neither burns nor melts. Twaron can survive brief exposure to temperatures up to 500°C (932°F) without any significant loss of mass. This is significantly better than the thermal properties of other synthetic fibers. When used as heat resistant material, however, it is not recommended to exceed 250°C. Twaron carbonizes in the absence of oxygen and approximately 30% of its mass is retained.

UV resistance/weathering

Twaron is susceptible to UV light. It is recommended to protect aramid from exposure to direct sunlight.