Protective Clothing
For Welding and Safety

Valen-T Fabric with TW-55™ Protective Treatment

  • Protection from molten metal splash, slag and sparks
  • Highly abrasion-resistant
  • Water-repellant
  • Fully washable with no loss of protection

TW-55™ protective treatment is incorporated into the Valen-T base fabric to provide unique proprietary flame retardant properties. TW-55 is a treatment of the fibers themselves, not a coating. The treatment bonds direcly to the fabric fibers after heat curing to create a protective matrix that cannot be washed out, even with repeated industrial laundering.

The TW-55 treatment surpasses testing expectations for ASTM 955 molten metal tests, LIL94-VO Rating and various NFPA tests.

Temperature Rise (A) and Total Heat Energy (B) from a Calorimeter Through Valen-T with TW-55™ QVT Fabric with Long Johns and T-Shirt Shirt Backing After Impact with Molten Iron.