Protective Clothing
For Welding and Safety

Finger Heat Shield

  • Maximum thermal protection for your pinky or any other finger
  • Made of two layers of CarbonX® material, same as our X-Pad product
  • Fits over all manufacturers' TIG or MIG gloves
  • Can be used on any finger
  • Comes with Velcro® strap for gloves without a wristband

This finger sleeve heat shield is a lifesaver for people wearing thin TIG gloves. It lets you support your hand on the hot workpiece during the weld ... without getting burned. Made of the same revolutionary flame and heat resistant material as our X-Pad (CarbonX®), it protects up to 2500°F, depending on conditions.

Not only does it keep you from getting scorched, the X-Finger sleeve lets you be more productive and make better welds since you don't have to pause on long welds or in tight spots.

The X-Finger sleeve comes with a tether to attached it to your glove. If your glove doesn't have a wrist band to attach the tether to, no problem: the X-Finger comes with a velcro strap that works with any glove.