Protective Clothing
For Welding and Safety

CarbonX oven mitt Heat Resistant Welding Pad holster hot welding parts Made in the U.S.A.

Use to move or place hot parts

Your new favorite tool

Use as a protective holster for hot tools

All Torch Wear products are made in the U.S.A.

X-Pad Demo

Flame & Heat Resistant Welding Pad: The Torch Wear® X-Pad

  • Handle hot parts or use as a heat sink
  • For flame cutting, arc, MIG and TIG applications
  • Made of CarbonX® material, a revolutionary flame and heat resistant fabric
  • Pad measures 8-1/2'' x 8-1/2''.
  • Ideal as holster to protect hot TIG cups or other tools
  • Best gift ever for the welder who has everything!

The Torch Wear X-Pad will quickly become your most-used tool after your torch and helmet! Use it as an accessory to securely protect you from hot parts. Depending on conditions and the operator’s ability, the pad should be used with primary PPE (a welding glove.) The pad will not melt, ignite or burn under severe levels of heat exposure. The X-Pad also is great as a protective sock or shroud for delicate ceramic TIG cups, which can be brittle when hot. Stuff your hot equipment in the pad's pocket to protect both it as well as nearby exposed skin or hoses.

You'll wonder how you got by before having an X-Pad, an essential item for every welder's bench … whether you are an amateur or pro.